Where Passage Meets Portal

Designated as “Porte Des Mortes” since the 1700s, Death's Door is the main navigational passage between Lake Michigan and Green Bay, known for its ominous storms and shipwrecks. Its renowned danger eventually inspired “Door,” the name of the county and peninsula today.

A well-known Scandinavian settlement, Door County celebrates its Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian heritage. The Dörr is named in honor of that heritage, translating to “entry” or “portal.” The name Dörr serves as a promise to our guests: we are the gateway to your own Door County experience.

Modern Heritage

Good Cheer Starts Here

Door County's newest hotel and Sister Bay's first hotel in nearly 20 years, The Dörr is a portal to a uniquely distinct guest experience. Inspired by our own fond memories of visiting the peninsula with family during our childhood, we are continuing to honor Door County’s heritage and wonder.

Offering a fresh new perspective to this cherished second-home to so many, The Dörr prides itself on providing an unforgettable experience for current and future generations.